Tournaments at the BIG GAME

the BIG GAMER Tournament is an event long multi-discipline tournament league in which attendees can participate in an event long league in different gaming disciplines, scoring points in each organized mini-tournaments (5v5 OverWatch, 5v5 CS:GO, 3v3 Quake 3 Arena  and FFA Trackmania Nations!). BIG GAMEs (of other multiplayer titles taking place over the weekend in Q3, Battlefield, UT2K4 for example) and other activities throughout the weekend (like the BIG GAME Pub quiz on the Saturday night) will culminate in a showdown for the top scoring players in a mystery finale on the BIG screen at the front (typically something none of them would of played for many years or even at all!) with everyone else watching on. The diversity of the tournament means that all round gaming prowess and enthusiasm are rewarded, rather than concentrating on success in one game or genre, allowing for chilled out and fun gaming over the weekend. 


Current tournament games at the BIG GAME include: 

Overwatch (6v6?/5v5?3v3?) 

5v5 Counterstrike: Global Offensive

3v3 Rocket League

3v3 Quake3

and Trackmania!

With BIG GAMEs of Battlefield 4, Tribes Ascend, Team Fortress 2, UT2k4 (to make but afew!) also contributing towards your points haul as well!


At tBG you can also earn extra BIG GAMER points by taking part in our notoriously hard gaming themed pub quiz on the Saturday night, every attendee to enter will get points, no matter where they place, but the over all winners get the special honour of being first in line to receiving there Domino s pizza, that they ordered earlier in the evening! 


(we like pizza if you hadn't guessed!!)


To stand yourself in good stead we would recommend acquiring Quake3, Dawn Of War 2, Counterstrike Global Offensive, DOTA2, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Unreal tournament 2004, Team Fortress 2, Trackmania Nations, Battlefield 4, Tribes Ascend to name afew off the top of our heads. Those games be the main stay of the tournament/BIG GAMES with a few special rounds and BIG GAMEs of other LAN classics thrown in for good measure (typically free-to-play games)!

Of course no matter what you play, you’re likely to be able to find someone else playing it, whether you fancy perfecting the art of bank robbery in PayDay2! or trying to rewrite the history books in Company of Heroes, clicking heads in Counter-strike or stomping across the battlefield in Titanfall! Your sure to find fellow gamers with the same taste in games and if not, a quick post on our intranet shoutbox will soon have find you those gamers you're after (also works well for finding team members for the tournaments too)!.

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